2012 Almost Over

Merry Christmas to All from Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital

2012 Has certainly been an eventful year for Eagles Nest.

We had some bad times when a mean spirited person started rumours that nearly led to Eagles Nest closing down.  But through calm and quick thinking, all of the allegations were dismissed and Eagles Nest able to continue the hard work of caring for injured and orphaned Australian wildlife.

On a plus side, the Education Centre is everything we hoped it would be, our grounds are looking great, and we have rescued and released many of our beautiful native animals. Jaz and Heath have been a real boon for the sanctuary. A lovely lady – Anita (with help from her kids Dannika and Jordan) is continuing to

eagles nest red cross

do an amazing job of fundraising, selling raffle tickets and lollies throughout Atherton and the at the local markets.  A big thank you to Anne for her continual support and always there when help is needed.

We are all so grateful that Eagles Nest has had another successful year.

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