Meet Jaz

Jaz joined Eagles Nest about eight weeks ago after moving to the area a couple of months earlier.  She and her partner Heath, had left the coast, which has proven very fortunate for us at Eagles Nest.  Harry first met them when they called about a kangaroo that had been attacked by a dog and was at the front of their property.

Jaz with a Dingo Puppy "Baby"

Jaz with a Dingo puppy “Baby”

A week or so later, they brought a kingfisher that had consumed a chemical.  Over coffee, Harry learned that Heath was a talented handyman (something we always need) and
Jaz very useful in the office.

After seeing the need for some organisation within the office, Jaz joined the committee taking on the demanding role of secretary.
She has performed miracles in a very short time, taking a lot of Harry’s stress on to her capable shoulders.

Their help has been invaluable at a time when so much has been happening and we all feel much more positive about the future of Eagles Nest with supporters like Jaz and Heath.

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