Open Day – Environment, Education & Training Centre

On Saturday, December 1st, Eagles Nest celebrated the completion of our Education Centre with an Open Day.  Everybody was invited to see our sanctuary up close with tours given by John Frois (a long time committee member) and walk through the centre.  The Education Centre will always be a work in progress as improvements are constantly made both within and without.

We would like to thank Jennifer Amess once again for obtaining the grants that made all this happen.  This long-time dream of ours was only made possible by her many hours of hard work.  Also, thank you to the people that attended and enjoyed meeting the animals and seeing the changes that are always taking place throughout the property.  Finally, we would like to thank the wonderful volunteers who give so much of their time towards fundraising and work on maintenance and improvements at Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital. 009


Our new Environmental, Education & Training Centre.

Since 2005 Eagles Nest has focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of increasing numbers of injured and orphaned Australian Native animals. 

There is more interest in native wildlife but little understanding of how wildlife is harmed by human activities and how to care for injured animals.

This problem requires structured information/education for the general public and specialist training for carers.

Eagles Nest Education Centre is the only existing display/centre that covers North Queensland’s range of wildlife, or emphasises long term wildlife protection. We provide information and training sessions for the general public and wildlife carers in the hope that the Australian public will gain a better appreciation towards our unique wildlife and environment.

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