Meet Millie

Rock Wallabies are a group of small Australian Macropods.  Their habitat includes rocky escarpments, boulder piles and cliffs, where crevices and caves give them protection from predators and the elements.

Rock Wallabies live in colonies of up to 100 animals. Although they are largely nocturnal, rock wallabies sun themselves in the early morning and late afternoon, especially in winter. Most species of Rock Wallabies eat grasses, herbs and the leaves of trees and bushes.

Rock Wallabies tend to breed continuously, with females producing young all year round.  The single joey is born after a months gestation and makes its way to its mothers pouch where it spends the next six to seven months suckling.


Many Rock Wallaby populations in southern and central Australia have disappeared since European settlement, and several species now face extinction. For thousands of years, eagles, pythons and dingoes have preyed on Rock Wallabies.  They were also hunted by Aborigines. Now they contend with foxes, feral cats, cars and trucks.

Millie’s mother was killed and luckily somebody rescued her  and brought her here to Eagles Nest. This precious little girl,  is now under the Harry’s vigilant care and is fast becoming independent.

A Rock Wallaby can live up to 15 years old.
Mille is only about 6 months old, so with our care, a healthy and happy life is ahead for her.

022  As you can see, Millie is just TOO quick for the camera.


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