Animal Files #10

This morning a lady brought in a Sugar Glider that she found on her driveway that morning.

After a quick inspection, so not to stress the glider out, we found that by the bites and marks over its body, it has been attacked by a dog and consequently the poor little thing has had its spine broken, paralysing its legs.

This is very sad, this is the result of humans not taking responsibility for their domestic animals. The Lady that found the Glider had her dogs and cats in appropriate enclosures, which means there are dogs roaming the streets and hunting at night.

What would happen if this dog had attacked a small child, then it would be a serious offence. But when a dog takes the life of an equally important creature, nothing happens. It is never the dogs fault, it is their instinct to hunt and chase things. The owner should be held accountable.003 004 002

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