Opportunity for a new Lifestyle

Harry Kunz first began his life-long mission in Kuranda caring for flying foxes, before moving to Millstream Estate where he built, from the ground up, the now well-known Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital. Here, he has direct involvement in the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife with the hope that each animal can be released back into the wild. For those who are un-releasable due to permanent disability, Eagles Nest becomes there home.

Harry has committed his entire life to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing the unique native wildlife of Australia.  He is one of the few wildlife carers in northern Australia with the knowledge, expertise and facilities to appropriately rehabilitate large raptors, especially wedge-tailed eagles. Harry takes in all animals and has never, and will never, turn a blind eye to any animal in distress.


Eagles Nest provides injured wildlife with a second chance to recover from stressful and life-threatening injuries.  Harry lives his life, purely for the benefit of our Australian wildlife and environment. As well as caring for all animals that come into his care, he also collects data on our native Flora & Fauna and researches new approaches and better techniques of treating animals; this enables him to give his animals the highest quality of care.

Harry also provides the community facilities for education where there is learning material, guided tours, information sessions and special training for active carers. His experience and expertise is recognized throughout the world.

Harry is respected among his peers and generously donates his time and money to do what he can to save our native wildlife that would otherwise be left to suffer and die.
With this said, Harry still ages like everyone else, and after numerous operations to put him back together so he can continue his work, Harry has decided that the best thing for Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital is to find somebody to continue his work. Harry wishes to find a person or a couple that are willing to put in the hard yards, somebody with a passion, understanding and appreciation of wildlife and our environment.

Working at Eagles Nest is hard work, though it pays off by rewarding you with experience and the knowledge that you have given something back to Mother Nature.  Be prepared to get dirty and enjoy midnight emergency calls. You need to be physically fit and mentally able to deal with the demands of the animals and the joys and sadness of releasing or losing an animal.

You will not only be working here, you will be fighting for the rights of our native animals whilst running an office. This is not a paid job; this is an opportunity for a new lifestyle. You need to be prepared for anything and everything; This profession is not for the fainthearted.

Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital is not a zoo; it is much deeper, we benefit the whole of Australia with our determination to saving our wildlife and environment. There are no borders or restrictions on what we can achieve.

If you want to do something good in your life, start now. There will be a trial period where you will learn everything you need to know from Harry. Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital is a not-for-profit organization, please understand that if you plan to approach this offer in the hope you will gain riches, you will, you will find riches in the sense of the lives that you save.  You will be respected and admired for the effort you put in to save Australia’s most precious assets, our wildlife and environment.

Eagles Nest is run by volunteers with a real passion for caring for our wildlife and environment. If you have this same passion and believe you have the determination to take on such a huge responsibility, we would like to hear from you. Please contact our office on (07) 4097 6098 or email eaglesnestwildlifehospital.org@gmail.com

For more information, feel free to visit our website at www.eaglesnestwildlifehospital.wordpress.com

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