Dingo x – – to hell and back

Continuation from Harry’s Facbook Post

This is our new little man, brought in from Mount Garnet Area.  Because of the cruel actions by a few young kids, this Dingo-x is permanently disabled.

First he lost his mother and siblings, they were all shot to death.  He had been living close to where he was born and had never caused the station owner any hassles.  A few idiots decided they would chase him down on a quad bike for fun.  His hip had either been broken or severely dislocated by the force of the collision.

A lovely young lady took him under her wing and cared for him for four weeks until she decided he would have a much safer life here at Eagles Nest. Because his hip was never professionally treated, it has healed in the wrong spot. To fix the damage would take major surgery and would put his life at risk.

Currently it does not seem to cause him pain. He is a sweet little guy although he is very scared. He has made a few new friends here and has settled in nicely.

Something that all Dingo lovers wish for is for everybody to just accept them.  Thoughtless murder and cruelty deserves justice.  The groups that are fighting for this right, and Dingo rights, please don’t ever give up.



One comment

  1. Well thank goodness he is with you Harry. Sadly the mindset of most Queenslanders is a good dingo is a dead dingo, and that is a shocking attitude to have. So until the Qld and Federal Govts change the status of the dingo to Endangered or Vulnerable instead of Feral Pest and people’s attitudes change that we have the world’s oldest canine in our presence and should be given the respect is deserves. But the journey begins with changing the attitude of people towards our wildlife.

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