Raptors In Care

Raptors In Care

We have seen no decrease in the numbers of birds of prey being hit by cars…Just in the last month we have received in a Boobook Owl, Black Shouldered Kite, Sparrowhawk and four Wedgetailed Eagles!

Unfortunately, the Sparrowhawk passed away during surgery to rescue his seriously damaged wing and the Boobook and Black Shouldered Kite will never be able to be released…

It is so important that everyone make an effort to pull over and remove fresh roadkill from the roads, just throwing them a couple metres (after checking the pouches that is) into the bushes can help save lives!

Many birds of prey are hit while trying to feed on road kill, people do not slow down and respect these birds need a couple extra seconds to get off the ground!

Thankfully to balance the incoming numbers of raptors, we have recently released five kites, a goshawk and an owl…Hopefully they have better luck with this second chance!

Please take care on the roads and respect our wildlife…



  1. I would love to care for the animals and have a vet quarters I save as many as I can around my home with being a member of the wildlife care asso.

  2. Interested in your offer. If u wish to contact me please do. Not butting all personal details on your site except genuine and financially secure.

  3. Im really interested!! But Im a single mum. I adore all animals including snakes an lizards. Sounds like my life passion but can I do it on my own ??? Will I need a team around me and what will be the cost of that?? Do you rely on charity ?? Or is there some govt funding ??? Thanks for ongoing info. My email is joydb18@gmail.com

  4. I never get online, I don’t even own a computer right now. I truly believe in a greater power/energy and I see an article about your sanctuary and I just.. I cannot express myself fully but I hope that you can understand at least some of my well meaning. It is truly amazing that you have been able to do this with your life! I have a great respect for you and your family/friends/helpers! This is all I ever dream about, ever since I was blessed with an opportunity to visit Australia 15 years ago. With that trip, I fell in love with the Outback and the immenseness of our world. Never had I imagined some of the things you have running around 😉 I returned home and devoured as much information I could about flora and fauna of the world. Eventually, I was blessed (and cursed) with a job at a local pet store. I have had some of the best and worst experiences in many different situations, avian care was my strong point but nutrition and reptiles were my hobbies. In the last ten years I have developed an insatiable thirst to see the world they way it should be, with care and respect of all beings on Earth. We are all here together, as a whole and we need each and every piece of ourselves. All I can do is take in the beauty of what you have done for our feathered, furred and scaly brothers, I just want to say thank you for opening my eyes yet again to my true calling 🙂 I will work harder than ever to accomplish my goal and I will always be able to remember your story. Thank you!!!

  5. I hope you find the right person/s to look after all the animals….. Being a spiritual healer and channeled/medium readings , I often have bought through animals that have passed on and have done healings on animals too , they too have a voice and if we tune in we can hear their needs … They are so special to this planet and they need a voice for them …. To teach others that they do communicate with us if we just stopped and listened…..All the best xx if I can help at all I am in Townsville

  6. Just saw a post that you need a new caretaker. Hope you find one. I cared for over 200 birds for a resort here in America. They are awesome critters. Loved doing it. Then I had a baby and had to leave my job. She frown now. And I take in rescued horses.

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