Wedged in



We have a few magnificent Wedge-Tailed Eagles (Aquila Audax) in at the moment. Truly spectacular, being the largest bird of prey in Australia, they are recognizable by their characteristic wedge shaped tail. Wedge-Tailed Eagles are highly aerial, soaring for hours on end without wingbeat and seemingly without effort, regularly reaching 1,800 m and sometimes considerably higher.

Their choice of prey is very much a matter of convenience and opportunity, which means fresh road kill is high on the menu. Sadly, most of the Eagles that come into our care have been hit by cars and face a long, painful recovery as a result of this. We urge everyone to please remove any road kill off the road, to protect any birds of prey feeding. Never approach an Eagle as they are easily frightened and take into account that due to their heavy weight (up to 6kg!) they need a bit more time to take off than other birds!

Thank you to all volunteers who have recently helped repair the Eagle enclosure. The Eagles are very pleased with their new perches….




  1. What wonderful work you do and thank you for keeping us informed.

    Best Wishes,

    Mal and Karin Save Fraser Island Dingoes

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