Our Location

Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital is situated on 5 acres of land, 150 kms from Cairns, on the southern Atherton Tablelands, in Far North Queensland.  We are easily accessible by car or bus.

If traveling by bus: You can catch a bus up to Ravenshoe, but be aware that these are not available on public holidays and weekends. We will then need to pick you up from Ravenshoe: please arrange this with us prior to traveling up.
If traveling by car/camper/etc from Cairns: You can travel up the Kuranda or Gillies Ranges towards Atherton and follow the signs to Ravenshoe.  When approaching Ravenshoe, do not turn into town, but travel on like you are heading to Mt Garnet. You will soon pass a BP station on your left. Keep driving straight ahead for about 10 minutes, until you reach a golf course on your right. There is a left turn directly opposite the golf course and from there on you can follow the Eagles Nest signs and are only a few minutes away!

Please take care when driving and avoid driving around dusk and dawn as there is a lot of wildlife around this area!

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Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital:
161 River Road
QLD  4888

Postal Address:
PO Box 282
QLD  4888



  1. Harry I always wanted to come back and clean out the surgery for you its not that I was lazy I had apparently a large cancerous tumor growing inthe front of my brain just got out of hospital Drs didn’t think I would make it I am a miracle they said so much for me getting my Toyota high top camper I am not allowed to drive anymore indefinitely. Feel very douggie in head. Ihad a mole removed in 2004 was a melanoma caught it early needed surrounding area removed immediately bcos I could not afford private health insurance had to wait 4mths on public system it then spread throughout my body have another one in my lung and will know how many more when I get the results from pet scan I had yesterday.For now im amazed I am alive all those years I worked at steggles waiting to retire so I could go to Eagles Nest and help you it’s just not fair just had to let you know my dream all those years at steggles of helping you has been taken away from me. If you want to phone me my number is 0400969549 how did babies turn out ? Galah cross sulfa crested cockatoo?

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  3. G .Day I wonder if you can help me I am trying to contact Simon the Dingo Bloke . I sent him some of my art prints to sell to raise funds , i see in the Tablelander that he is one of your mates . I live in Atherton . Ph. 40916352 . I am about to paint a Dingo love to visit you some time , Cheers Owen Pointon Artist.

  4. Hi I have a 1.5yr old tableland creek dingo who was abandoned at one week old and Ive hand raised her now she needs to be rehomed with someone who has a wildlife license 😢😢😢 Do you know anyone I can call?

  5. Harry why aren’t I married to you?
    However, I would absolutely adore to take over from you and give my life to helping sick & injured animals
    I seem to have a telepathy with all animals both tame and wild & love them with all my heart
    I was a school teacher and saw my main aim in life as to teach children to love and care for wildlife
    If I was younger I’d be in Africa
    I have nursed many birds back to health & reared a little ringtail possum
    I belonged to a wildlife group but after applying for certificate at RSPCA & going to courses I withdrew
    because it was more about putting an animal down than healing it and I was disgusted
    I am so disallusioned with both the mayor of Redlands and the mayor of BRISBANE as neither of them care one iota about preserving wildlife
    The mayor of Redlands ( which had a thriving wildlife population before she took over) Is only interested in money and the magnificent 100 old trees that are being ripped down, leaving the koalas to
    die of starvation and the possums too. And all the birds are disappearing even though I have fed them wherever I lived.
    I would be happy to go round giving talks to schoolchildren or any other groups
    My husband is an ex carpenter and would make anything necessary and help me
    As would my son and his mate ( male) he runs a B and B at moment but would come with us
    I have rescued 3 dogs from the streets, 2 cats and 2 parrots who all live with me
    If I could leave a legacy of love and caring for my beloved animals, I could ask for no more
    Please consider my family seriously
    Yours faithfully

  6. I am really amazed on this genreous offer of his whole life efforts . I with my family am keenly intrested to assume this holy offer. I will like to devote myself for this noble cause.
    I am a retired senior civil servant with inbuilt passion for wild life. I have my own dear birds and cattle wild life farm since last 35 years. I want to perform this volunteer job with great jealous and enthusiastic feelings.

  7. Hi Harry
    Do you allow ppl to volunteer on your sanctuary.
    I am an older person love cruelty free living. Just heard about your sanctuary on ABC radio.
    I would like to help out .I would stay for three months in my tent.
    Thanks for all your years of helping animals.
    All life is precious


  8. Wow! I would love to run something like this! With my love of all animals this would be the perfect job 😍 Sadly here in tassie I cannot do as much as I would like to. Would kill to get an opportunity to help

  9. This speaks to me from deep guidance as a path I am to take at this time in my life. I have been a nurse for 43 years, and am retired, being led into the next journey. I have developed and run multiple successful healthcare businesses and programs in both Canada and the US, and therefore have business sense, and the ability to fundraise and organize large events/write proposals, develop and build relationships both internally and externally–building a large network of support and volunteers: adding on to what you have already so lovingly created and have as a legacy. I am passionate about what I do and dedicate 100% and more….with a compassionate heart for all beings. I am vegan, and respect and love all life, understanding the diversity of cultures and how animals fit into every culture’s traditions: both spiritually and otherwise. I am physically and emotionally healthy, and able to take on a venture of this magnitude. I am not naive as to what this would entail, and would be able to add into the family circle many individuals of similar dedication to approach this sanctuary with new eyes. Let me know what your plans are, and if you are seriously moving forward. Best wishes, Dana

  10. Hello,
    My name is Alisha Costanzo, my sister-in-law sent me the link that mentioned you were after someone to take over Eagles Nest.
    From the ages of 15 to 20 years of age I lived and worked at Symbio Wildlife Park where I cared for many orphaned and injured animals, from day old hatching snakes to the wedge tailed eagles, and everything in between!
    I am now 34 years old and am married with a 12 year old son, a 10 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. As a family we are great animal lovers and I am often called out to capture and remove venomous snakes from people’s homes and release them away harm. I am also called often by WIRES although I am NOT a member, to care for our natives and have also had my full course of lissavirus vaccines, after being stretched badly by a young fox that was caught in barbed wire.

    In the past for years living really in central western nsw, my family have rehabilitated 3 eastern grey joeys, one puggle as well as 2 injured adult echidna, many native birds that have been road victims and a variety of other animals such as turtles and wombats and bearded dragons, we also are often asked and agree to caring or throwing many non natives as well.
    I also own miniature dachshunds and have been featured in articles in the UK by Buzzfeed because of how my dachshunds mother the joeys in particular and get along with our varied animal friends.
    We are currently in search of a new home for our family as the property we have been caretakers for for the last 4 years is now for sale by the owner. We would love to relocate our family and be able to continue our love for and ability to care for Australia diverse animal species, and are finding this a difficult thing to do when our only choice currently is within the rental market or another caretaker position.
    If you would like to speak to myself directly or would like references or photos, please contact me at any time. My phone number is 0455777834 and email address is alisha82costanzo@gmail.com

    1. HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY etc hi just heard u on ABC radio. Thank u so much for the amazing love , dedication, MONEY, ++++ that u have provided the earths delightful beasties with. Animals make my heart sing. They are so honest with not bullshit. Except for animal ‘bullshit’ which can be hilarious , awe inspiring, beautiful, tragic et al but ultimately they MAKE SENSE in this crazy topsy turvy world.
      I’m writing because for a second I had delusions of being the ‘chosen’ one & thought id check out my new digs – not really. Though I did for a moment imagine my life there and my soul felt peaceful. However the whole reality thing must be considered at some point & well . . . anyway I PROMISE I AM NOT JUST RAMBLING & wasting ur extremely valuable & literally life saving time.
      I DO NOT KNOW the woman above. I’ve been reading the emails (which now actually seems a little creepy) but it is a public page (?) a matter for ur successor perhaps, ANYWAY,
      meet this woman and her family. I don’t know u, ur wonderous establishment, temporary charges, permanent residents, or anything really, all I know is how devoted I am to the wellbeing, comfort , joy?, safety, lives of all animals & this persons ‘bio’ spoke to me. And hopefully you too.
      I assume you would know of Symbio. I do, my mother started taking me to Symbio as a child & I have continued to visit sporadically throughout the years. I’ve had many & varied opinions of the place over the years but ultimately wow as an experience & the wow re what a fantastic training ground for the staff who have passed through there.
      I wish you the very best with your health, charges & finding someone with whom you know your life’s work & legacy will be safe, successful & continue to grow in the best possible ways that can only improve the lives / status/ survival / legal issues of all creatures great & small. Thanks again for your ‘lifes work’ , for those you have saved & those you let go.
      Be kind to yourself, I wish u the very best in your remodelled life

  11. Hello,
    I saw your add for taking over your animal santcuary. My husband and I are in the process of starting our own santcuary. If you are serious about someone taking yours over I would love to have a conversation with you.
    Thank you for all your work,

  12. We live in the USA. I cannot believe you rehab that many animals on five acres. Do you release there ? I and two other rehabbers are interested. Do you get funding and meds or any aid for the animals or is it your own income that sustains them and you? I have been rehabbing for over fifteen years and Lisa for over 20. Gay has been rehabbing for ten approx years. Gay and I cover two counties in Va and Lisa rehabs in Va Beach. I do mostly mammals and Lisa and Gay do more birds but I am very comfortable handling birds. My husband and I have been married for 42 years and he is a big help in building. We have about 25 acres we rehab and release on anyway ,let us know if we should like a good meld. How is your weather? Droughts there or monsoons?
    Sincerely. K Cummings

  13. Hi there, I’m from NZ, 31, vegan, passionate about all animals and teaching the next generation to respect all animals as beautiful spirits of their own.

    I currently operate a small electric bicycle business and spend the winter in Thailand.

    But I read your article on needing new caretakers and I will happily take on that new adventure.

    I love cairns having holidayed there before and I enjoy diving too, so moving across the ditch is no problem, I would probably create a room as a hostel type situation to encourage people to stay with me as volunteers, working on the sanctuary in exchange for a bed.

    I am not currently with a partner which is a shame as it would be an ideal situation for a husband and wife, but I think I will still meet enough people who love the place that I can be happy with the animals.

    Thanks for your time, good luck with the search and thanks for all you do for the animals.

    Samantha Fairley

  14. Hi Harry
    I’ve been reading your story and just wanted to say I am very interested in your work and farm. I am a country born girl from Armidale NSW I have 5 children one is working now but the others are 1 to 16 years. My husband is a handy man builder. I work in child protection now and have always worked with young people. I have loved animals since a very young age and became vegetarian aged 13. I am not a vet nurse but I try and help every animal I can especially birds because they seem to be more commonly injured. We have an adopted rainbow lorikeet that found us. I focus on encouraging animals to our current home, lizards, birds and bats. I’m a vegan now and I love gardening and basically living from the land as much as possible. My next project is learning about bees! My husband can build anything and hes not so much a sook about animals as me but hes very loving too and he said he would love to come and check your property. I am very computer savvy as well ( hubby is not!).

    Would love to meet you and see your place!

  15. I love animals more than humans their love back is unconditional I have quiet a few but believe they should be free not caged or controlled how would humans feel living in cages their whole lives and being called pets I have my babies (not that most of them are now ) not pets they are happy free and loved even when they are naughty even animals have emotions you look after them well they show you respect I have been bitten scratched clawed and mauled they get frightened and scared and hurt and defend just like humans but patientance and love and understanding always works with all the different animals I have looked after and freed also the ones that can’t live alone in this cruel world you don’t need someone who loves animals Harry you need someone that understands them and knows they are all different just like us good luck in your search I would change the world if I could to be a better place for all human and animals alike but honestly humans are worst than the most scary animal xxxxx

  16. I have just retired and would love to take on this responsibility. I fell in love with Australia in 1977 when I first visited and I regularly return and travel around.

  17. I just read an article noting that you are looking for some one to take over the sanctuary you have created and I am just devastated this did not come out an out 4 years from now. My husband and I dream of starting a wildlife rescue. I have completed my PhD in microbiology and am in the middle of my post-doc training. After this I plan on obtaining my DVM so I can be equipped as possible to aid injured wildlife. I applaud you for not caving to opportunists, and I guarantee that I will be checking back as I finish my DVM to see if you have found a replacement (hopefully by then you will have, but just in case you’re still hanging in there I will keep you in mind).

  18. I have been reading reports that the hospital will be given away to someone who can continue the fantastic work that you do? is it real? If the reports are true how do I apply? My partner and I are working in pet rescue at the moment and would be very interested in expanding our knowledge to include wildlife rescue

  19. My daughter studying hard in year 1o to be a vet one day she lives all animals breeds bits and has many pets over the years ..
    Be great the ger and a home for me and a life for me as I’m a single early fifties lady on my own ..with chooks
    Love to rescue animals n cate for them a passion I have had for many years .
    God willing you have a home for me as a victim / survivor of Domestic violence and surviving now on my own in Wingello village nsw renting …
    Maybe this is my future … Pray with me it is n for my children to help out also .
    Sharon martin 0433913910

  20. I wish I lived in the country!!! I read the story about you trying to find new owners and someone to take over your animal hospital. I want nothing more than to have such an amazing opportunity. What you’re doing for those animals is incredible. It surprises to see people want to turn it into a zoo or dope farm. Shame on them. Lol. Anyway, I hope you find someone’s that serious about wanting to take over the hospital for the good it does. I wish I were lucky enough!!

    1. The zoo part I am appalled, but maybe medical Cannabis would generate badly needed funds, lacking from government who through poor decisions, perpetuate this situation.

  21. Hello Harry,
    Why are you leaving…can’t you just take a little time out if you are unwell or need a break?
    What an honour for the one stepping into your shoes…wish it was me, but it is going to take somebody not just dedicated, but someone who can take the pain as well.
    Until good governance is enacted, this continents unique, precious and amazing fauna will continue to dwindle, suffer and die.
    Thanks to all who appreciate, help and love all the Earths’ creatures, pity it is only a few who cause untold damage.

    1. And PS I will gladly donate…like most environmental/animal related causes, the biggest in need of a cash flow, yet receive the least.

  22. Hey Harry just heard on ABC news about retiring . Just wanted to say congratulations on a job well done. I work for Bidvest and was glad to be able to help you out from our meat department. Your a inspiration to everyone who cares about our wildlife that inhabits the planet. Well done and may you be blessed every where you plant your feet. David ✌.

  23. Hi Harry,

    After reading some of the previous comments, I guess I am just dreaming. My wife and I are animal lovers, even though we have no pets at this stage. We have both been involved in Scouting and took our youth members to the local Wildlife facility just outside of Perth. Even had a couple of them volunteer to assist on weekends and holidays. We are both big believers in protecting our countries native species and do what we can when possible.

    I have just spent the last 6 years working in the Kimberley region and until recently with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, in my role as a WHS and Environmental Manager.

    The site that I worked at in the Kimberley did have its’ concerns with some of the local wildlife, especially dingoes. We had a pack that were harassing the local RAAF Base families, so we had the dogs captured and released in a more suitable area designated by the local Rangers.

    Both my wife and I love the bush, in our blood you might say, and would enjoy working in the environment that you have. I would prefer to see any sanctuary live on, than see developers move in and ruin them. I do have a rather diversified background, Military, Corrections and now Health and safety and training. My wife has been involved in finance(Bank Manager) and is now involved in tourism. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and I am a very fast learner.

    If you are interested please contact me on my email address gwwills@hotmail.com

  24. Hi, my name is Laura mccarty, I’m 24 years old, from Arkansas, USA. I saw where you are looking for someone to learn from you and eventually take over at your wildlife sanctuary. I don’t know if I would be who you want or if I’m qualified, but I absolutely love animals and have dreamed since I was a child of having the chance to open a wildlife sanctuary one day but do not have the funds to start one. I figured even if your answer is no I had to try to reach out to you and ask about this amazing opportunity. I don’t have a phone right now but I can be contacted via email at lauramccarty211@yahoo.com.

  25. It does not appear that my previous comment was posted? I apologize if this is a duplicate.

    I have written to you on Facebook via private message, explaining my experience with wildlife.
    I have extensive experience with large birds (macaws), but I’ve also worked with many other types of parrots. I’ve worked with sick and injured birds, providing minor veterinary care. I’ve hand fed both normal babies and gravely ill adult macaws. I’ve also kept reptiles (snakes and lizards). There is much more information in my Facebook message.

    I’m hoping that I have experience and abilities you would find useful in a volunteer.

    I would ideally hope to time my stay to coincide with your busiest season (if there is a particular time of year) when you would anticipate most needing experienced help handling large birds. I can adjust my travel time, but would be unlikely to be able to travel during our Summer (your Winter). (I live in the USA – in California, near UC Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I hope to hear back from you regarding the prospects to visit as a volunteer, and I hope one day to meet you in person. I am in awe of the amazing work you do!
    Sincerely, Alyce Johnson

  26. Would you be interested in a helpx couple from Poland? They are 25 years old and would love to work with wildlife. They have done so on their travels around Australia up until now. They are staying with me at the moment and I can vouch for their work ethic and genuine love for animals. Please let me know if you would like them to stay. They work three hours each per day in return for food and board.

  27. Can myself and my partner can and visit this Thursday please and if so is there anything we can bring along with us from cairns for you that you need

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