Spectacled Hare Wallaby (300x299)Mission Statement

  • Direct involvement in the care of our unique wildlife and the environment in Far North Queensland
  • Collecting data on threats to species (flora & fauna) survival
  • Planning and delivery of training sessions and information sessions for the general public
  • The care, rehabilitation and release of wildlife received into our care.
  • The provision of education advice to the public regarding the activities of the hospital and the need to protect our native wildlife.
  • To provide research into the needs and habitat of injured or orphaned wildlife with emphasis on – interaction with each other, other species and humans.

We believe the only way to preserve our amazing Australian Native Flora and Fauna, is through education.
Education is the key to protecting and preserving Australia’s greatest asset; Our Environment.



  1. Hi Harry,
    First, I want to thank you for the work that you have been doing! I truly wish that I could be a man that could help with your need of someone to take over, but my body would not allow that. I live in the US and I am looking on getting a falconers license to care for wounded eagles and other birds of prey. I know that I can only care for a few of them as I need someone to work along side of me! Again, I thank God for your unyielding love of caring for so many birds and animals. I am jealous that I can not do it, but God is watching over you and will provide the right individuals to take over for you.

  2. Dear Harry what a way of live had working lot off sadness but most of all That overwelming feeling when you saved an animal and bring it back to is habbitat. My wife and I are running for 12 years now a pethotel and a doggy daycare whe have been taking care of all kinds of abused and kick out of there home animals our first daughter is bron on World animal day what a Co insedance 😆. This is something I alway’s dreamed of. Even That I know its a tuf but thank Full Job. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for taking care. Regards Co . See my FB page Dierendroom

  3. hi i am esther from holland i am 50 years old and i have two kids..i have here a lot of animals i am an energetic animal therapist and a
    classical homeopath for animals..i am very interessting to take your place to help more animals…that´s my missin on this planet…we are vegan for animals too…we live in holland and i hope its possible..greetings from holland

  4. Hi Harry

    My name’s Christopher Watson, I’m the founder of TESS which stands for Teaching Empathy Saving Species. We have a website where you can read about our goals and mission. They’re compliment and fall in line with the work done at Eagle Nest. We’re currently looking for a location based in the UK, to build our first phase. After hearing about your hospital and your search I think there may be an opportunity here. If you give our website a look and think the same, then I’d be pleased to have a conversation with you about what the future could look like.

    All the best,

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