Spectacled Hare Wallaby (300x299)Mission Statement

  • Direct involvement in the care of our unique wildlife and the environment in Far North Queensland
  • Collecting data on threats to species (flora & fauna) survival
  • Planning and delivery of training sessions and information sessions for the general public
  • The care, rehabilitation and release of wildlife received into our care.
  • The provision of education advice to the public regarding the activities of the hospital and the need to protect our native wildlife.
  • To provide research into the needs and habitat of injured or orphaned wildlife with emphasis on – interaction with each other, other species and humans.

We believe the only way to preserve our amazing Australian Native Flora and Fauna, is through education.
Education is the key to protecting and preserving Australia’s greatest asset; Our Environment.



  1. If you’re still looking for people to take over, my boyfriend and I love animals and the news article I read really spoke to me. You’re work is amazing and I would love for it to continue.

  2. I am becoming a registered veterinary technician. My boyfriend is an accountant, we are interested in leaving it all behind to help animals as our dream was to one day have a sanctuary for animals to be rehabilitated and if not find them a forever home, be it another sanctuary or on our property. If this is a serious thing, you giving someone a chance to make animals lives better. We are it. Please consider us in your search!
    Ashley and Daniel.

    1. I’m replying on behalf of Harry Kunz and Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital.
      Though our applications have formally closed, we’re interested to hear more about you.
      Can you please email me at eaglesnestquestionnaire@gmail.com and tell me a little more about yourself and I will guide you through the application process? Please include some photos of yourself and any others applying with you.
      Alana Harbison

    I am writing to you more as a recommendation then a submission. I know of someone who has been in the animal conservation on a front line level for over twenty years. This person has such strong ability and drive. I have never met anyone who will fight for a cause more, nor that has the amount of enthusiasm they do. They not only share this enthusiasm but they have the ability grow that passion with others. This person is currently a veterinary practice manager in Melbourne and is married to her commitment to animals and the conservation of them and the nurture of them.
    Harry, I truly believe that this person could either work with you, along side you or independently not only carrying on your 40 years of incredible work in Ravenshaw, but ensuring that there is no stone un-turned for support and if agreed growth to conserve and assist many more animals.
    The maintained contacts this person has both within the industry and out of the industry are endless. Her knowledge and research in the animal field are greater than that of any single vet, vet nurse or lecturer.
    I believe Harry, that this person is the ideal candidate and that is why I am writing to you, to put them forward. Because I know this person is exactly what your looking for to carry on your legacy.

  4. Hi Harry,
    First, I want to thank you for the work that you have been doing! I truly wish that I could be a man that could help with your need of someone to take over, but my body would not allow that. I live in the US and I am looking on getting a falconers license to care for wounded eagles and other birds of prey. I know that I can only care for a few of them as I need someone to work along side of me! Again, I thank God for your unyielding love of caring for so many birds and animals. I am jealous that I can not do it, but God is watching over you and will provide the right individuals to take over for you.

  5. What an amazing legacy you are offering! Not just for the animals, birds and reptiles in your care now, but for all those in the future whose lives would be lost without this service. I have emailed a reply to you this evening which I hope you will be able to read with all the many candidates you will have. This is just a life changing opportunity for someone with a passion and compassion for animals, who will be lucky enough to be given a chance by you. Best wishes in your search.

  6. Dear Harry what a way of live had working lot off sadness but most of all That overwelming feeling when you saved an animal and bring it back to is habbitat. My wife and I are running for 12 years now a pethotel and a doggy daycare whe have been taking care of all kinds of abused and kick out of there home animals our first daughter is bron on World animal day what a Co insedance 😆. This is something I alway’s dreamed of. Even That I know its a tuf but thank Full Job. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for taking care. Regards Co . See my FB page Dierendroom

  7. Hello;
    My name is Steven Masek. I have work with and cared for many different species of animals all my life and I’m 51 years old now. I have many exotic animals and farm animals of my own. I do talk shows and lectures locally in Lee County Florida. I have been on Animal Planet for getting bit in the face by a Burmese python, the episode was called devoured man-eating super snake returns. Or you can just Google man gets bit in face by python and it will pull up a short 4 minute clip of the show that I was in. I have a wife and two children that are in school and they allow me the opportunity to work with many animals, I asked them if it would be okay that I put my name in the running for the opportunity to take over your wildlife sanctuary. I have many questions so if you have the opportunity to give me a call I get off of work around 6 o’clock p.m. here in Florida. You can text me or call me at 239 822 6324. Or you can email me at the below email address. Thank you very much.

  8. Hello,

    I would love to take over your place and work, I’m a 18 (almost 19) years old girl from the Netherlands and I’m very interested in your project.
    My lifegoal is to be like you, saving animals is everything I want.

    I won’t be alone, I’ve enough company to help.
    I also want to follow a study that I can take care of those animals without asking someone else…
    (except they are very ill)

    I hope, that if you choose me, you’ll stay to learn me everything I need to care of all those animals…

    Best regards,


  9. hi i am esther from holland i am 50 years old and i have two kids..i have here a lot of animals i am an energetic animal therapist and a
    classical homeopath for animals..i am very interessting to take your place to help more animals…that´s my missin on this planet…we are vegan for animals too…we live in holland and i hope its possible..greetings from holland

  10. Hi Harry

    My name’s Christopher Watson, I’m the founder of TESS which stands for Teaching Empathy Saving Species. We have a website where you can read about our goals and mission. They’re compliment and fall in line with the work done at Eagle Nest. We’re currently looking for a location based in the UK, to build our first phase. After hearing about your hospital and your search I think there may be an opportunity here. If you give our website a look and think the same, then I’d be pleased to have a conversation with you about what the future could look like.

    All the best,

  11. Hello Harry, this is Steven masek; just touching base. I have not heard anything back so I will assume that you have an overabundance of people interested in taking over your animal rescue. I would still be very interested in talking with you. Please keep me in mind. And anytime you would like to talk please feel free to give me a call. You can email me at Steve masek 001 @gmail.com, and I will send you my number. Hope all is well. God bless. Steve masek.

  12. Steve Masek. I watched the video you mentioned. I think if you were truly interested you’d find something that demonstrates your care for animals. Being bitten on the face and being part of a culling expedition is hardly going to get you taken seriously.

  13. Asking you to watch the video was only a way of presenting myself to you being that we are so far apart. When it comes to pulling Burmese out of the Wild I only take the ones that I know I can keep and possess I do not look to put them down. It’s not their fault that they were dragged over here. I work with many different kinds of animals but I don’t have a whole lot of videos and Animal Planet time with those to be able to show you that I work with many different kinds of animals.

  14. To touch back on my previous statements about Burmese pythons, I go out to retrieve Burmese out of the Wild once every three to five years. I don’t look at it as culling out as you like to put it, I look at it more as rescuing a couple of Burmese from the wild that will potentially be killed by some idiot. I said many positive things about Burmese to Animal Planet as they were filming the show but none of that seemed to make it in there. That’s just not good TV I guess. As you well know TV and the internet will only show you what they want to show you,i.e.. whatever makes the ratings go up. And telling Animal Planet how Burmese pythons really attack humans in the wild and that they were pretty cool snake doesn’t help the ratings during Monster Week. You can only take what they have to say with a grain of salt. Remember that there’s always some more to the story that you just don’t see or hear about. Like why someone would want to give away their life’s work to a complete stranger. I’m sure that there’s a lot to that story that the news just did not know or they didn’t want us to know. That’s why I asked to talk to you person to person. I don’t like to lie or BS.people, and all I ask is the same courtesy. One day when you really want to talk please feel free to call me or send me an email and I will send you my phone number. Because I’m sure a smart man like yourself would not believe all the hype and bs. That you would see on the TV or on the Internet. Cheers back at you.

  15. And if you would like to see some more videos of me working with some animals please feel free to go to my Facebook. They’re not big fancy TV videos but at least it’s a little something.

  16. Good day sir. This is Steven masek, just touching base to see if you have the opportunity to check out my Facebook pages. My personal page steve masek or my business page Steve masek’s Animal Mania.

  17. Good day sir; this is Steven masek I am just touching base again to see if you have had the opportunity to check out my other pages. Again, anytime you wish to communicate please feel free to call or email or whatever you like to do.

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