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‘Sorry’ – Our little fighter

‘Sorry’. Harry named him because we were so sorry for the hurt and torture that he had been through with a so called carer.  Anne, one of our longest volunteers and committee member, broke down at the sight of him. This poor Eastern Grey joey could barely open his eyes. He could not hold his head up. He couldn’t even suck milk as he was so weak. He was literally on deaths door. The sight of him was horrendous. You could see every bone, every membrane in his tiny little body.  He had lost a third of his weight which is frightening in itself and his skin was starting to strangle him from being so dehydrated.

Jaz with 'Sorry'

‘Sorry’ our little fighter, the first day we had him.






Four Days after


We told this little man that he had to fight and we would fight with him. And so we fought together. He has been with us 10 days now, each day a battle.  Every second he was in our thoughts with the worry that he wouldn’t make it to the next day.


Today’s photo – Sorry sleeping snug and sound.

We are all so proud, we hope that he is now out of the danger zone and can recover with the love and care that he has here at Eagles Nest.