Our hopelessly in love Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Charlotte, and Galah, Pinky, took their rehabilitation to a whole new level in producing fertile offspring together!

The odd offspring, which have been dubbed ‘Cockalahs’ have recently moved out of the nest permanently and are now exploring and self feeding as young adults…Though they stick close to their protective parents and still occasionally beg for some food…But the young Cockalahs are very healthy and have suprised everyone who has seen them!

Both Cockalahs, from the same clutch, look completely different to one another, and are still too young to see if they will change colour with age as Galah’s do…One even looks like a giant Galah sized Cockatiel!
Many birdos have been surprised and stumped by the successful breeding as it would never naturally occur in the wild and has only rarely occurred in captivity by intentional breeding…

Ours however, were a bit of an accident with the parents bonded with one another by love and not for the sake of breeding!

Keep watch for photos of these two as they grow and no doubt change colour! 😀